Friday, 23 May 2014

Sound Explanation

If sound didn't exist, then life would be less fun. We wouldn't be able to listen to music or communicate properly with each other. It would be really boring and difficult. But what is sound?

Well, sound is made by vibration. An object vibrates the air molecules, which vibrates through your ear drum. It then converts into a electitional signal that works through to your brain. Then you will know what sound it is.

There is differences between sound. The more sound waves per second, the higher the pitch will be. The less sound waves a second, the lower the pitch will be.

If you look at a sound wave, the point of a sound wave is called crest or peak, the bottom is called trough. Frequency is sound waves over time and is also known as hertz.

Sound can travel through water, air, solids and anything else that can vibrate. Sound cannot travel through space because there is no air molecules to vibrate. And without vibrate there is no sound.

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